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1.1 Need for a sustainable transport Green vehicle, also known as alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) can play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable transport. By sustainable transport, we mean the mode of transportation that reduces the emission into the atmosphere and also minimizes the utilization of non-renewable energy resources. The green vehicles can help in improving the air quality thereby reducing the air pollution and improving the human health. Utilization of alternative fuels and hybrid/electric vehicles for transportation can further propel economic growth and reduce energy dependency of a country. Though the importance of green vehicles has been realized by the government, corporate houses and even the consumers, there has not been enough acceptance of it in the market. There is still an uncertainty about the ecological and economic benefits that can be sought by switching to alternate fuel vehicles while lack of infrastructure, government policies to promote the green vehicles along with usage limitations like restricted driving range, quick refill etc. has led to a slowed market development. Nonetheless, emerging innovations in sustainable transport are likely to disrupt the automobile industry as almost all the leading automotive manufacturers have introduced green vehicles into their fleet. This along…show more content…
one can avoid the use of road transport, shift towards more sustainable modes like car pooling or enhance the efficiency of existing modes of transport. Although promoting alternative fuel vehicles is an option, other complimentary steps must be developed as there as certain proven side effects of diffusing AFV’s like increased fuel efficiency of hybrid cars leads to improved efficiency causing increased kilometres travelled per visit. Certain government policies which can help develop a successful roadmap towards sustainable transport are as

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