Loan Distribution In Bank Case Study

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AGRICULTURE LOAN DISTRIBUTION IN RURAL AREA THROUGH GRAMIN BANK Keywords: Agriculture, Loan, Rural Area, Gramin Bank Motivation: Rural area people are mostly undeveloped and under privi- leged. They are afraid of Banking Transactions .So Gramin Bank boost their con dence and make them able to develop themselves. Gramin Bank pro- vides facilities like Loan Distribution, Credit cards, Depositing Money and many more. Implementation: This topic is about the loan distribution in Rural Areas. Algorithmic Approach is used to solve this problem. It includes what are the conditions under the loan can be distributed. Bank Employee rst check the background of person that is whether he has taken any other loan or not, what is his Income, what other assets…show more content…
6.Gaurantee Bond ALGORITHMIC APPROACH Set of Rules De ned by Government of India 1.Consider that a person is applied for Agricultural Loan. 2.Check whether his land is under the towns allocated to that Gramin Bank. 3.Ask the person for his 7-12 Document 4.Check whether the Land is Irrigated or Non Irrigated 5.If land is irrigated then amount of loan is given as 15,000 per Acres Or if land is Non Irrigated then amount of loan is given as 5,000 per Acres 6.Ask the person that which crop he had taken last year 7.Which crop he will be taking this year 8.Person has to submit Map of His Agricultural Land 9.Person has submit Domicile Certi cate 10.Person has to submit No Dues Certi cate(No Dues means that person has not taken any type of loan from any Bank) IDENTIFIED PROBLEM 5.1 Identi ed Problem In Rural Area, people are illiterate and undeveloped. sources They do not have the sources available for their development. So they remain poor such that they are not able to ful ll their basic needs. So these people

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