The Importance Of Hiking

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Moses: Wow. _________ (your name) you are awesome! I’m so lucky you came by. By the way, I have another problem. My toilet is clogged. Could you help me fix it? YOU: I like you, but I don’t like you that much! Do you live in a house or in a department complex? Let’s imagine that you just finished college, have a good job and just moved to your first apartment. You are having a meeting to solve some inconveniences that are important to solve. Read the motions below. State the reasons you approve or disapprove the changes. The first one is already been made for you. Example: Mailboxes should be moved closer to the street. I disagree. I don’t think mailboxes should be moved, because the residents of our building will have to walk farther to…show more content…
They are all common sense and they take little to no effort to follow. Be a good ambassador of Hiking and take the following guidelines into account: 1. Never go hiking ____by yourself____, go with at least two other people. Nature can be a beautiful yet dangerous place. Being alone decreases your chances to return home safely. 2. If you and a friend go hiking ___________, make sure that someone else knows your itinerary and your route. 3. Never let children go anywhere _________________; they can easily get hurt or lost. 4. Do not litter. Take all your waste with you and if you should stumble on somebody else’s waste, be the better person and take it with you. Educate children, they cannot learn this _______________________. 5. If you see any wild animals when __________ are hiking, leave _______alone; don’t try to interact with them. 6. If you see a baby bear, a puma or a mountain lion ________________, get away from it as fast as possible. The mother is probably close and will attack you if __________ sees you. 7. Stay on marked trails. Don’t go hiking on ______ own unmarked

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