Urban Planning System Analysis

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Urban planning system using power control to contribute to the management of the natural environment. For Peninsular Malaysia, Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (as amended) provides the framework for the current land use planning system. Local authorities are automatically a local planning authority (LPA) uses power and planning tools provided by the law to carry out the role of developing and controlling development in the area (Chua & Deguchi, 2008). The development plan involves the design structure and local plan provides for a mechanism to deal with strategic issues and sub-regional framework for the management of detailed land use changes (Meyfroidt, et al., 2013). Theoretically, a role that clearly emphasizes the development and land…show more content…
Construction of the stadium which will be developed in an area enclosed by 2.471054 acres. In this stage, there is a court which can be used a host of such use in play indoor futsal, badminton, volleyball and handball. This activity had a positive impact on the development carried out for this development target involves students and residents UTHM outside. This proposal was triggered by indoor stadium is only available in a few places only, in Pura Kencana, Kluang and Batu Pahat. When the construction of the stadium for the area as Parit Raja can provide high returns to the UTHM because this indoor stadium can be leased to the outside parties if you want to use it. Distance is also a study area near the main road to Batu Pahat – Kluang - Batu Pahat to facilitate the appearance of the…show more content…
Aspects such situations taken because of the topography and soil types to begin construction of the indoor stadium. The type of land suitable for development is the stadium of flat land that will not collapse and fracture occurrence. Environmental considerations factors such as wind and rain also affect the construction of this stadium. This is because the wind will affect the game environment, such as badminton. Indoor Stadium but has a wind to produce heat. The movement of wind rated to not affect the environment of the indoor stadium. In addition, the density of annual precipitation also affects the environment because it can cause natural disasters such as flash

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