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Abstract Green belts are important for urban planning. It contributes in many sociological, physical and environmental benefits. To get optimal advantages by them it is necessary to know which species are being planted in these green belts. Species identification and inventorying is also necessary for the wellbeing of both the environment and human health. This study is planned to identify the species in the green belt of …….. and to analyze the health effect of the abundant species on the community. A transect and herbarium will be used to identify species and species diversity in the study area. Health effects will be analyzed by surveying the nearby community and hospitals through questionnaires and interviews. Introduction Urban Green belts play vital role in urban planning. A greater contribution to urban heat reduction, pollution abatement and many other social, physical and environmental benefits are due to these green belts (Narayanan, P. and Anguluri, R. (2017). These urban green belts are the lungs of the metropolises as they act as a sink for some of the harmful gases released by automobiles and industries operating in the urban areas. These green belts…show more content…
This has led to considerable rise in urban pollution, affecting air, water, and land. Air pollution has increased promptly in many cities and metropolises, especially due to the emissions of traffic and industries. Over the years, rising population has led to a decrease in open spaces and green belts in the cities. These green belts serve as lungs for cities and towns. They serve as a sink for pollutants, check the flow of dust and bring down noise pollution level. Plants provide innumerable environmental benefits and considering the steady increase in air pollution, it has become imperative to increase the green belts in and around the

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