The Importance Of My Mom Essay

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There are some things that words can’t describe. The feeling of winning a race, moving off to college, riding a roller coaster, these are all very random examples, but the feelings you get during each situation is hard to put into words. Likewise, when writing about someone who does everything for you, It can be hard to truly explain how much they do for you. I ran into this problem when writing about my mom. Words simply can’t describe the strength and hard work that my Mom has every single day. This hardworking spirit is something she has had all her life, even when she went through hard times. Through everything, my mom has never let her positive attitude go away and that is because of her constant faith in God. As she has raised me, she has shown me what a true believer in God should look like. All of these attributes are hard to understand the importance of. They aren’t things that I can write thousands of words about, but that doesn’t diminish the value of them. These little attributes are what makes my mom special, along with…show more content…
She would do anything for her family and that is shown through her constant hard work in everything she does. Not only does she work a full-time job, but she also does work all around our house every day. She makes sure our house is clean, drives us around wherever we need to be, takes care of us when we are sick, and works hard to make it to anything me or my sister participates in. During the fall of my sophomore year, I was playing tennis and my sister was playing volleyball, and we both had matches on the same night. My mom would make sure to make it to both of our matches even if that meant lots of extra driving, which is not her favorite. And after all of that work to watch both of us play, she still had dinner ready when we got home. This happened many times that fall, and my mom was always there. She rarely ever gets recognition for her hard work, yet it is one of the most recognizable things about

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