Examples Of Compassion Essay

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Education, passion, love, justice, these are all things that encourages people to do crazy or amazing things. But what does give people the inspiration to take action to change the world? I think it is compassion. Compassion for others, knowing that if we take a chance for a stranger, or the ones we love, it may make their lives a lot better. Also, I think that it’s empathy for others. I say empathy because when others put themselves in another persons shoes they usually have more compassion for another person and what to help them. Lastly, I think boldness, passion, and strength are very much needed to take action. Compassion and empathy are very moving feelings, but those feelings soon will pass as long as it isn’t really your problem. But…show more content…
Of course there is compassion and empathy which are major keys in making a difference in other people's lives, but strength, boldness and passion are the may ones in making a difference, either if it is in someone else's life or finding knew research that can benefit the human population. Over the past few paragraphs we have seen examples of many people who have made a difference in others life and for all humankind. Einstein may have only figured out a little math equation, but that math equation is one of the largest successes in math history, and the Wright brothers may have only made a aircraft that can have only one person fly, but that helped us get to where we are today. Lastly, Abraham Lincoln stood up for what he believed and now today we don’t have slavery and we can have friends with people of any race. Of course Abraham Lincoln was one of many people who helped to abolish slavery, but just his contribution inspired others to help fight for others freedom. So the one thing all these amazing people had in common was passion, strength and boldness. Boldness in who they were and what they believed, passion for what they believed, which helped them strive to succeed, and strength to finish the race. These factors are so important to take action, to improve lives, to change the
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