Learning How To Read And Write Autobiography Essay

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Learning how to read and write is an art. It takes effort and practice, practice, practice ! My earliest memory of writing was when I was between five and six years old. I do not remember every detail, but I can recall bits and pieces. For example, my mom used to put her hand over mine to show me how to grasp a pencil. Looking back now, holding the pencil felt like using chop sticks in a Chinese restaurant for the first time. If you’ve ever used chop sticks before, you know they are not friendly . I’ve tried using them so many times, but they always slip from my fingers. That’s how it seemed when I first tried to use a pencil at school. My memories of school are a blurred combination of colorful posters, demanding teachers, and endless handwriting exercises. What stuck in my childish mind is my vibrant classroom, packed with colorful chalks, crayons, cartoon posters, candies, toys, and story books etc. Moreover, I can clearly remember the numerous handwriting assignments my demanding teachers gave me. The pages would begin with dotted letters that we should connect in order to learn how to write the alphabet and then proceed to write the letters all by ourselves. Whenever one of my letters was not neat, my teacher, Mrs. Vinita, would exclaim at me, “Sarah, what are you doing?” In such cases, she would make me…show more content…
Much of my success was due to the perfectionist standards of my teachers and my mom. They drilled into my head the importance of having perfect handwriting, until it became my second nature. Often, when I was not satisfied with my handwriting, I would keep erasing and rewriting, until the page was smeared. I can say with pride that the struggle at that time was totally worth it. Even the handwriting books that I loathed so much were worthwhile in the end. So, yes, the art of writing takes time like any other literacy skill including, reading and

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