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PESTEL ANALYSIS OF FRANCE INTRODUCTION: France, officially known as French Republic, is the land where famous French Revolution took place. Fashion starts here and it is known for its wines and fragrances. Paris is the capital city of France and one of the 7 wonders is found there i.e. Eiffel Tower. It is the world’s fifth largest economy and second largest European economy, a major chunk of revenues come from tourism as it is the world’s most visited place. PESTEL Analysis of this happening country is done below: POLITICAL: Unfortunately since the beginning French did not get wise leaders who could feel for them and bring the country on the road of development without any fear of going bankrupt. The ever widening gap between the rich and poor…show more content…
They have chains of supermarkets all over the world. Their luxury goods and cosmetics are raved upon. France has an extensive network of railways and roads, so the infrastructure is there. As far as education is concerned France has the highest number of graduates each year in Europe, in all the fields of life. SOCIAL: Most pressing issue faced by French is of income and social class disparity and formation of permanent underclass. This gave rise to crime rate where youth started falling prey to criminal activities and destroying their potential future. Unionized activities are the norm in business community and most of the time workers are on strike due to one reason or the other, hampering the productivity. (Global Issues) Another issue is that around 80% of the population of France is Roman Catholic and they treat immigrants, particularly Jewish immigrants unfairly. Racial violence is witnessed every now and then through graffiti and graves demolition etc (People and Society, Social Issues). Recently in France same sex marriage was legalized which the French believed proved equality in their society. Euro crisis, although not as severe as before, still haunts the nation, the GDP has increased after being stagnant for five…show more content…
It is generally accepted in France that all citizens should be provided with quality healthcare. Number of universities and research institutions are training young scientists who could establish the technological supremacy of France in the world. ENVIRONMENTAL: In the future the world is going to face water crisis the most, there will be scarcity of clean drinking water. France being an industrial economy faces the issue of water pollution. There is Ministry of Environment which makes and implements related laws. In the past France experienced acid rain due to water contamination which destroyed its forests. It was the world's eleventh highest level of industrial carbon dioxide emitting nation in 1992, totaling 362 million metric tons, a per capita level of 6.34 metric tons (France - Environment). Beside all these environmental issues France has 1/3 of its land covered by forests and enforces protection laws that could prevent the endangered species from becoming extinct, its flora faces this threat the most. Mainly Ecophyto action plan by the government and designation of nitrate vulnerable zones have lead to major agricultural breakthroughs. Moreover the infrastructure development programs include wastewater treatment plants which have turned out to be really helpful. (Smith, 2015)

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