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The purpose of this social media audit is to assess how Staples has increased and retained its customer base after changing its motto from "That was easy" to "Make More Happen." Staples Business Depot is a business solutions provider that retails in office supplies, technology and copy and print services. They have also expanded their products into other industries such as: healthcare, safety, retail store fixtures. As a past employee at Staples, I have noticed a specific type of customers who are being redirected online especially the small business owners. Not all of the business owners are happy with this but they work around because the competition offers has done the same. The social media platforms I explored are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and official staples blog. I was not able to do Pinterest since I do not have an account with them. The target audience for Staples changes based on the time of the year and sales. My primary strategy was to see amount of followers, value of the information, frequency of…show more content…
Such as #nationalCoffeeDay which is linked to buying a Keurig from staples. Customers are also amplifying the bad service, experienced either in-store, website or a product delivery. Unlike twitter the customer can write essays about their experience and they can expect a feedback from representative. The one post recently about the IO hawk is one of the few that stirred an online discussion. On the contrary, Staples' YouTube channel focuses on the technology products and spreading knowledge about it. I did find interesting that, the Microsoft videos especially had a viewer count from 50K to 100K as opposed to the other videos still at about 30K. The general ads video had even a lower viewing count. After viewing many tech videos in my spare time, I am surprised that I did not see any of the staples videos pop up in the search

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