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Much of what I have become, and the women I am today, I owe to busing. My story begins in 1958-the year my grandfather, Donald Strack, bought his first orange school bus. There is even a picture of him blessing his school bus hanging in our house. In 1990, my father, Tim, purchased the business, and as the tradition goes, my brother, Joe, bought the business from my dad in 2012. Busing runs passionately in the Strack’s veins. Every single member of my immediate family has been involved with the bus business since its origination. At one time, I had three brothers, two grandfathers, two uncles, a dad, and a slough of family friends who all drove buses. My mother, my sister, my sister-in-law, and even myself have all been radio dispatchers for the business. The pleasant chit-chatter and “10-4’s” that may be heard between the drivers and the dispatcher…show more content…
After school, I would hop on my uncle Mike’s bus. My mom would bake me an extra cookie, since she was able to stay home and dispatch, and I would save that cookie to give to Mike. Seeing his smile brighten, especially when it was chocolate chip, always made me happy. Many days, instead of going home I would ask to go to the bus shop where I would wait for my dad to finish his route. There, I would make a bus fort; the most important part of a bus fort is to make sure it is clean. My dad taught me the importance of keeping your things orderly. Armed with a broom and Windex, I would fight of the dust mites and make sure that bus was spick and span when my dad arrived. As time passed, I no longer quite enjoyed waking up at the crack of dawn on the weekends to clean the buses; however, I knew in order to respect my parents and their business, I needed to grit my teeth, hold my tongue from complaining, and work hard until my job was done. This is one of life’s greatest lessons, which I feel extremely blessed to have been shown and

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