Persuasive Essay On Online Learning

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37994 Arby T. Siraki English 101 3/7/2016 Enhance learning Students have different preferences when in comes to learning. It is easier for some students to work online while others find it easier find it easier to stay with traditional classrooms. Nowadays evolving computers and online technology has taken over attending a traditional classroom. Online courses is the most suitable way of learning for todays age students to learn various subjects as they tend to be early adopters of new devices and technologies.Students can take a class and hand in assignments through the Internet. Therefore, people have the option to learn wherever they are. The option of taking online classes is ideal for those who work or need a way to fit education…show more content…
In a traditional classroom it is compulsory to pay specific costs such as books but in an online class course materials are mostly available for free online. Online courses is a favorable option as it eliminates costs that a student would pay in a traditional class in school such as registration costs, consultation fees. Nowadays you can even attend college Online, it is preferable because it eliminates traveling expenses and often decreases the associated costs of colleges such as commuting, housing and course materials. This is beneficial to students as they can fulfill their general education at a low cost, saving it for future studies. Online courses offer flexibility. Having a very busy life , it is very hard to be a hundred percent committed to timings. student has the opportunity to plan their study schedules around the rest of their day.Students have the option to study any time they want , wherever they are. there are no physical sessions Course material is accessible online so they don’t have to wake up at 7 am and dress up to attend a class. Each student can adopt to what they consider a comfortable studying environment. Online classes are a good option for students who want to have a balance between their work and other

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