The Grass Is Singing Analysis

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Doris Lessing was born in 1919. Her father was stationed in Persia, and Lessing was born in the middle-east. An exhibition about the farming lands in South-Rhodesia, made the family move there and making a farm. On the one hand, in South Rhodesia the family lived in total isolation, on the other hand farming the lands was harder than her father had imagined. Her mother was used to living in the city, and having a comfortable life in Persia, therefore she could not easily get used to the dry and hot lands of South Rhodesia. Lessing uses her own memories to create an image of white colonial culture in South Rhodesia, based on which she joined cultural memory studies. Lessing touches upon the notion of cultural identity and shows how cultural…show more content…
She tackles issues that are important to people around the world. For instance, she tackles two important issues: women’s place in life and black people’s suffering. She breaks the silence of her society which was filled with these images of cruelty. Through The Grass is Singing, she tries to demonstrate the effect of this treatment on both women and black people. At the beginning of her writing career, Lessing can be considered a realist who discusses issues related to human beings. Lessing reflects human beings’ experiences in their real life. She depends heavily on situations and events from her real life since she intends to use them in order to present how people in the Rhodesian society act since she is a member of that…show more content…
Since The Grass is Singing is Doris Lessing’s first novel, it is expected to include some issues and ideas from Lessing’s real life. On the one hand it is known that the first work of any writer is influenced by his\her real life. On the other hand, if a writer wants to gain success, he\she should also use his\her imagination to create the artistic essence of the literary work. To conclude, Lessing has succeeded in mingling her memories with her imagination in order to construct this artistic

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