The Importance Of Music

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I think that for most people music is a need in life. For example if you play a sport and music is the only think that gets you pumped up or is the only thing that helps you win then I would say that it is a need because to be able to do your best you listen to music. Another reason that music might be a need is that music might clam you down like when you are stress full you turn on nice peaceful music to help you with your stress level. The last reason I think that music is a need is that it might be the only way to express yourself like in some type of art so people know how you might feel about things. There are some music out there that gets people pumped up for their sport that they may play. For example I play football and I wrestle…show more content…
For example today we have a lot of different kinds of songs that most have different meanings to them. There are heart break songs that talk about how sad they were when they went throw the break up or how good it was to then when that happened. Then we have classical songs that usually the older generations listen to because they are slowing up in like and don’t want to go fast so they listen to that music because it nice, calm music. We have hard rock and rap that young kids listen to today because they like the fast pace life because they think they are young and reckless. There are all kinds of people who right there own music just to get out the feeling that they have inside them and some of those people grow up and become famous and other might stay small and might not make a lot of money off their work. The cool thing is that you don’t have to right music to express yourself you can just pick music out according to your mood of that day. So when you listen to music it might all depend on what kind of mood that you feel like that day. Over all I think as humans we need music in our life because without it everything will be boring. We have put music in our life and do it every day as we go to sporting events or just listen to it in the car on the way to work. Also music might be able to make you perform better in your sports activities. Music could help you relive stress from your life also. When you just what people

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