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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”, Plato said. Why the famous guy, Plato, say things like that? Since I was born until now, the world is fulfilled with music everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Why music is so importance? Today, I will tell you the role of music which can affect to human body and life. According to the research I found, it showed that music can cause at least 3 effects to human bodies. Even it is a little thing of people lives, it plays an importance role, too. The effects that cause to human body in many terms including concentration, emotion, and improving memory. As the benefits of music to the body I said, I will lead you to the first benefit, concentration. Music can help people to be concentrated to the…show more content…
Moreover, TED-ED state that the musicians have the higher learning improvement than the others who do not applied with music due to the connectivity of the brain on the left side with the right side as fireworks. In addition, owing to McGrill University research, they found that the graduation rates of children with music classes are around 90% while children without music lessons have nearly 70% of the graduation rate. Also, the attendance rate indicates that children with Music classes have better attendance than children who do not have music classes. Leading to the final part, you could find that music can cause several effects on human body including helping concentration, leading emotions, and improving learning skills. Therefore, you can see a lot of advantages of music for your body. I think it sounds great that the world is fulfill with music everywhere. As Shakespeare said, “When words fail, music speaks”. Let’s enjoy your life with happiness and harmony from now

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