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Schools all over the world constantly update for the newest trends and innovations to achieve quality education. This is a drive that is becoming normal among the first-world countries that always aspire for competence and excellence. Who would like to be left behind in upgrading one’s learning when in the first place the educational arena is very dynamic and fast-changing nowadays? Unlike in the first-world countries, the quality of education among the third world countries just like the Philippines, is relatively poor due to inadequate if not dilapidated learning facilities and infrastructures, lack of support and funds to cater the needs of school communities, and less motivated teachers and school heads in realizing the genuine quality of education that allows for more engaging and interactive learning. What will become of our country if we stick to this type of educational system? Are we not entitled for progress in boosting the literacy and skills of Filipino people? How long will we remain in the culture of overlooking the power of collaborative education in the field of engineering, ICT, entrepreneurship, and technical-vocational programs to uplift the economy of our country? According to the Philippine Midterm Progress Report in 2007 which is anchored in Millennium Development Goals, Filipino children are still deprived of access in basic education which paved the way for lack of mastery of subjects in formative years for foundational learning. This situation is against the…show more content…
This is because of the very ideal sets of competencies and subject matters that they have been requiring the schools to adopt and be taught toward students within a narrow period of time. It is no wonder that these poor students are experiencing information overload these

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