Salesforce. Com Competitive Advantage

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As mentioned before succes has led him to become the world leader in the CRM market (with a market share of 19,9% according to latest surveys). These incredible results would have not been achieved weren't for's great appraisal of its resources and capabilities. Resources and capabilities determines a firm's strategy thus, gaining the industry's KFS and leading the company to a competitive advantage. In industry main KFSs are innovation, customer dedication, reliability, cost saving and customer relationship.'s way to reach its industry's KFSs has proven effective and its usage of internal resources and capabilities determined its success. Nevertheless relies its succes…show more content…
In order to mantain and run such an effective server service it is needed a very trained and skilled staff, another important resource for, a high skilled staff is however obtained through another resource, which, in the case of contributed a lot to its success : HR management. At HR management is keen at discovering and hiring the best graduates, in order to work at a graduate has to demonstrate not only to master the concepts required to run a server or to maintain online a website, he has to demonstrate to be able to work in a fuzzy and active environment where change and work team drive the entire process of innovation and day-to-day tasks. Regarding both functional and HR resources it is worthwile to note how at functional divisions and culture can both be considered as a resource : when in 2006 Salesforce's rate of innovation (numbers of new products launched) reached an historical low due to the increasing bigger size of the company and consequent hierarchical fossilization, the CEO Marc Benioff decided to implement a new approach to management and culture called…show more content…
It is clear how in this case Functional organization (considered as the way in which provisions are assigned and divided between employees) is both a mean through which integrating resources into capabilities and a resource in the strict sense for Reputational resources also play a significant role at : its unique way of handling corporate meetings and investors's meeting (such as paying for free taxi rides from and to the airport) and social responsability ( pledged to give 1% of the value of their equity, 1% of yearly revenues to charitable organizations) gives the company a perception of active players in the local community to customers and investors, thus leading to more favoreable views towards the company and higher likeability rates compared to competitor ones (Microsoft, Oracle, Sap). According to recent researches companies such as that engage in charitable activities tend to have higher evenues and income in the medium-long

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