Inditex Customer Care Model

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Design- All of the collections are created by each brand’s own design and sales teams (Inditex annual report, 2008). The collections are both based on an analysis of the customers reactions on the different items in the stores, as well as the designers and sales personnel in total (Inditex annual report, 2009). The design teams work with the sales teams, which in turn work closely with the store teams, allowing quick adaption and changes to the collections (Inditex annual report, 2005). During the creation of the clothes, important is creativity, customer-oriented design gives the company more success. Manufacturing: it also carried out by 1.237 external suppliers, which Inditex has established long-term relationships with under the conditions…show more content…
Inditex uses a customer care model that is based on an open and direct contact between the customer and personnel. The idea is that the customer should feel relaxed and welcome in the stores, therefore, the personnel are made available but do not interfere unless assistance is asked for. This applies to all customers whether they have bought something or not. The personnel receive specific training, which focuses on customer service (Inditex annual report, 2005) The personnel at the different stores spread all over the world are characterized by the attitude passion for fashion which means that they share a universal language among the stores so that they can offer equal customer service. This attitude, according to Inditex enables a unique shopping experience and gives satisfied customers (Inditex annual report,…show more content…
They are a responsible group and this guides all of their business principles. The Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices stipulates the binding principles that apply in each and every area of the Group’s operations both within the company and with the partners they work with. The goal of this ode consists of exacting an ethical and responsible professional conduct from Inditex and its entire workforce in the conduct of their business anywhere in the world, as a gist of its corporate culture upon which the training and the personal and professional career of its employees is based. For such purpose, the principles and values which shall govern the relationship between Inditex and its stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and the societies where its business model is implemented) are defined. Inditex’s Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and Suppliers was first drafted in February 2001 and is binding for all of the Group’s manufacturers and suppliers. These standards are continually updated to incorporate developments in bets practice and to reinforce its

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