Measuring Organizational Effectiveness

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¬ How to measure organizational effectiveness Submitted by: ID: IB6007 Introduction: Organizational effectiveness depends on the strategic plan of an organization. The way to measure organizational effectiveness is to identify the short term and long term goals and objectives of organization. This topic will discuss about all those indicators which will show that how the organization is effective in relation to our long-term and short-term goals. Most of the organizations urge that they want to be the best in the area. This is a valuable goal; it will give them the opportunity to achieve their goals. It’s great for every organization, but you will not be able to have a plan for future to measure your organizational effectiveness.…show more content…
The main measure of organizational effectiveness for a business will generally be expressed in terms of how well its net profitability compares with its target profitability. Additional measures might include growth data and the results of customer satisfaction survey" (measuring organizational effectiveness n.d.). The measure of organizational effectiveness can be expressed in terms of its net profitability compared to its target profitability. Additional measures can be added through customer satisfaction surveys. Highly effective organizations exhibit strengths across five areas: leadership, decision making and structure, people, work processes and systems, and culture. For an organization to achieve and sustain success, it needs to adapt to its dynamic environment. Evaluating and improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency is one strategy used to help ensure the continued growth and development of an organization. Main Models of Organizational effectiveness: There are several models have been developed to measure organizational…show more content…
Targets are set for each division by respective departments and the budgets are approved on yearly basis for multiple projects and subprojects. Each division should achieve their targets and report to the Headquarter in which the achievements should be clearly spelled out on a quarterly basis. After their report supervision takes place by the Headquarter in order to check how effective the projects and subprojects are for the community? And how efficiently the budgets are utilized? The achievements are considered as effective management of the budgets by the people who are involved in the projects and subprojects. The Ministry of Counter Narcotics is liable to make sure that each division is working in coordination with the Headquarter and assure that all the resources are properly utilized for the achievement of the concerned targets. Conclusion: The topic describes that organizational effectiveness is completely depends on the strategic plan of an organization, how effectively they are able to plan for the future of the

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