The Importance Of Love In My Life

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Many miles outside Chicago, in a small town called Kelvin Hill me and my single mother live. I am Tamara Thomas and I live with my mother Sara Thomas. Well about my dad…he is not in my picture of family, I mean I have never seen him for I heard that he chose to leave me and my mother when I was only five months old for a rich lady who was wealthy enough to fulfill his luxurious desire. Kelvin hill is my home and I go to Kelvin Hill College and my dream is to become a great writer one day. To describe me is very easy for I am not what people call a hot teenager, but I am more like a simple girl who has no cool group to hang out with or any fashion sense of the latest trend which were happening around. You know I am not interested in late night partying or clubbing, for all I do is help my mother with dirty laundry, do some dishes or help her in her cafe, which was a source of income for our small world. And if not I write something for writing has always been my voice which I always fail as a person express. In school I always have a problem with cool kids…show more content…
However, my life took a turning phase as a new girl joined in our college, she moved in from California. Heard her father is a rich businessman and her mother a Korean and a fashion designer for she had this cute chinky eyes which totally made her look cute and beautiful and one can easily guess from whom she got the looks. She came into my life like a fairy god mother as she became a very good friend of mine and filled that empty space of friendship that I was going through. Her name was Eva, a beautiful and an outgoing girl. She is really nice to me unlike other spoil brats. We became best friends and she taught me lot of things and always encouraged me to confess about how I felt about Chris for I shared her everything about him and how I felt for him but the saddest part was I
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