Persuasive Essay On Smoking In Public

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The Honorable Kris Jordan, No doubt you have been educated on the dangers of smoking. Smoking harms the smoker to great lengths. You may also know, that smoking damages the people around the smoker. There is already a big problem when smokers flood Medicare, but second-hand smoking is also damaging, causing more people to be sent to hospitals. Medicare costs caused by smokers in Ohio alone is 5.6 billion dollars. Also, smokers have an influence on children around them. These children, potential students, could start smoking themselves and introduce problems into school systems. As the senator, you can address the effects of smoking in public areas and the influence it has upon not only children but other adults as well. This is why you should believe that smoking in public should be banned due to second-hand smoking, increase in health care cost, and is an influence on adolescents. Second-hand smoke is a big problem that endangers public health. People that are harmed by second-hand smoke are not at fault. Michael O. Leavitt, Secretary…show more content…
According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the tobacco industry is valued at 1,469,307 dollars in revenue, but soybeans, a crop ideal for the south, has a revenue of 41,007,464 dollars(41). In fact, according to USDA tobacco is considered one of the lower crops in the south where tobacco farms are more abundant. CNBC interviews with farmers have come up with “It's diversify or go out of business. The major U.S.-based tobacco companies are buying less, and that has made it a lot more difficult for farmers to make a living.”. Smoking is not only bad for the people and the smoker but for the farmers too. Due to the low social acceptant rate and new devices such as e-cigarettes smoking cigarettes in the US is becoming less popular tobacco farmers are making less and less as time

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