Reflection On The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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29 Martin Joshua D. Payumo November 3,2014 7-G Ms. Val Reading Book Report I. Introduction Title – The five people you meet in heaven Author – Mitch Albom Publication Details – Copyright 2003 Mitch Albom. All rights reserved. Publisher – Broadway Music Corporation administered by Sony/ATV music Publishing, #8 Music Square, Nashville, TN 37203. Printed in the USA with the address at Hyperion, #77 West 66th. Street, NY, NY 10023-6298 International Mass Marker – ISBN 1-4013-9803-0 Brief overiview of the Plot – Is about life after death in heaven, our home God prepared for us after our earthly journey is over. It is through death that we are born to eternal life. The story tells us how we all cherish to live again with the most important person we love in heaven.…show more content…
Personal Reflection I enjoyed reading the book although at first I didn’t like the idea of reading about death because I am so afraid to talk about it. But, as I came across, every part of it became interesting especially the part about Eddie’s journey in heaven and the five persons he met whose lives intertwined with him. After I heard priests and my parents say that as I am on my journey on earth, I should do good, love my family and others especially God because I will have a place in heaven, the home God prepared for my eternal life. I just wonder if just like whom Eddie met, if when the time comes, I could also be united with my family and friends forever in the company of all God’s Saints and angels. IV. Conclusion This novel, the 5 people you meet in heaven is a must to read especially among the young. This story gives an insight that it is very important to live a clean and good life on earth. So when your earthly journey is over, you deserve to be in a place where God lives and reigns. This novel will give us insights on the importance of being good all the time and shun corrupt and evil ways. In the end, we all want to be home with God in heaven for all eternity.

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