Kantipur Fresh Fruits And Juice Case Study

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Kantipur Fresh Fruits and Juice (KFFJ) is a private organization where customers are the main priority and it focuses on employees and the profit. Its aim is profit and profit maximization, survival and growth. KFFJ was started in 2001 in Kathmandu and now has become a market Leader in Nepal and is on the rise for providing high-quality fruits and juice to its customer. They have many branches in many locations in Kathmandu and other major cities and are planning to establish partnership with international companies for import and export. These branches mainly do three things firstly they purchase fresh fruits, secondly they store them and finally they distribute the fruits or juice to its customers through its branches and major supermarkets…show more content…
Online sales and 24-hours service – Businesses can offer the customers with online services making them enable to buy a large number of items with one click of a mouse at any time they want and get it delivered to them on a pre-agreed time scale. It is easier to review and rate any item so getting prior information about the product becomes easier. c. Direct communication with the customers - People can communicate online regarding the products cutting back the need to travel to meet the concerned person. d. Greater choice and lower price – Choices become much wider on a national as well as international scale. There may even be an access to buy directly from the manufacturers for less price or secondhand goods from e-commerce sites such as ebay. e. Availability of new products – The necessity of an email address to use the e-commerce facility makes it easier for the business to reach its customer and make them aware about new products of services. This also makes it easier for them to target a certain group of customers based on their purchasing history. f. Global markets – E-commerce opens us to a massive range of products. International presence such as Amazon suggests that the goods are being sold all around the globe. E-commerce is a doorway to global

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