Does Bruce Have Faith At The Beginning Of The Movie Faith

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1. Does Bruce have faith at the beginning of the movie? Why or why not? Bruce does not have faith in the beginning of the movie because many events in his life went wrong such as getting fired from his job and getting beaten up by thugs. Whenever Bruce depended on God to make things better, things just got worse, because of this Bruce did not have faith in the beginning of the movie. 2. At what point does Bruce begin to the importance of having faith? Does Bruce have faith by the end of the movie? Bruce starts to realize the importance of faith when he tries to have Grace love him by influencing her free will. When Grace rejects him, Bruce then realizes the importances of faith since he realizes Grace doesn’t have faith in him even if he…show more content…
God never ignores you but gives you signals that you have to look closely at. Such as when Bruce yells from his car for God to help him and when God shows a sign of not to go further and Bruce does, he and his car pay dearly. So this movie says God always has a reason for everything. 4. What does this movie say about free will? This movie says about free will that only you can only change your free will. The main character, Bruce, wants to change his girlfriend’s mind about him by changing her free will, but realizes later on, he can show her things to make him like her or do miracles to impress her but never change her mind. Since Bruce has God-like powers and cannot change the mind of others, this shows how God shows us kindness and does so much for us but we still do not believe in him. 5. Write your own prayer. Almighty God, we worship Your strength for You have given this universe life. I am grateful for all you have done for me and everyone else. You have given us unlimited love and have helped us when we needed it the most. You have given me a family to love, a home to live in and food to eat. You have also given me friends that help me when I am at darkest

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