The Importance Of Knowledge Questions

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When we were first introduced to knowledge questions, I interpreted them as any other question, I thought they were similar those we answer in other subjects. As the quarters passed by, I realized how the knowledge questions were different questions, solely based on knowledge and how one question could have multiple answers to it because every individual has a different perspective and approach to the topic. For instance, we began the year learning about conspiracy theories, I feel with the help of knowledge questions, I learnt the numerous ways of knowing and the various areas of knowledge, but most importantly how everybody else perceived the situation (whether it was John F Kennedy’s assassination or who carried out the9/11 attacks?) and how there could be multiple answers and views to the same question instead of a single assertive answer. Knowledge questions helped me…show more content…
Since I researched more on a topic, I began to accept what could be truth behind this? For example while learning about “Peak OIL” in my geography class I came across M. King Hubbert’s theory, but the question was “ To what extent is this theory true, or is it a myth?” I think knowledge questions have an elastic framework which readily accepts justified arguments, because I thought if analysts think that we’ve already achieved peak oil in the 1970’s why hasn’t oil globally exhausted today? The different aspects (first order and second order) of these knowledge questions, help me build a question which is more open and debatable, the first order questions gave me a definite claim while the second order helped me gauge the validity and depth of the situation. These questions can only be based on real life situations that portray how the knowledge lies amongst all
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