Compare And Contrast The Truman Show And The Giver

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Someone watching you for over 30 years 24/7. A little bit obsessive. Sounds like they are making your entertainment. The Truman Show and The Giver are the same, but very different. Both are making life fake and having the same routine every single day life. They go for a loop every day. There are many similarities and differences in The Truman Show and The Giver. You're scheduled to do the same thing over and over again with no memory of before you no stories no legends. You live in a place where there are no awful things that can happen to you. A plane sores over you. You are told to get inside and not come out. A while after that there's a ceremony for the kids, but specifically for the Elevens. The Chief Elder calls up a boy and tells a story when he was a child. It was time for the main character Jonas to receive what his job…show more content…
“Twenty.” She skipped him. With skipping him it was showing that something special was going to be said about him because it happened very rarely. It was 10 years before that happened. At the end, the Elder is talking to the people that they thought that she messed up, but she didn’t because she had to announce that Jonas was becoming the Receiver of Memory. Which according to the Giver means that he will be the person who protects the people from harm by keeping their memories of the past. For example, what we know as the Old West that won’t be known of. Jonas receives his rules. His are much different because he has one paper. The others are a folder full. According to the Giver there, was one specific rule “You are not permitted to apply for release.” A release is an awful thing we would think it is. Which it is they basically murder the people. A release is a symbol of

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