Essay On Purpose Of Knowledge

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The whole point of knowledge is to produce both meaning and purpose in our personal lives. To what extent do you agree with this statement? The meaning of knowledge represents the idea behind the knowledge itself ( Unabridged). It represents the idea behind words, expressions, signs or images we perceive. The sentence, I am writing in this moment expresses the idea through the words which serve as means of transfer of my own ideas toward the reader. Purpose is the reason why knowledge, and therefore meaning, the idea behind knowledge exist ( Unabridged). The statement presumes that people feel the need to produce knowledge to search for the search of meaning and purpose in their personal lives. This continuous, never-ending search of the essence of one’s life on this planet is the driving force of progress in scientific and non-scientific realms. According to the statement meaning and purpose of knowledge are applied to personal lives. I think this idea is complicated, because in order to enrich our personal lives, we have to turn to shared knowledge. It is…show more content…
The meaning of life is oftentimes associated with introducing “the truth” of life. This truth can again be introduced to us by the conglomerate of shared knowledge imposed by either religious or scientific realms. Despites the justifications of the knowledge our consciousness forces us to constantly explain our lives which automatically lead to adopting some interpretation of knowledge which helps us to make sense of our being. I would conclude that the two features of knowledge, producing meaning and purpose are the most important roles of knowledge, because of the human nature of assigning meaning to our actions otherwise we feel what is commonly known and experienced as feeling lost or disillusioned. Although we must not forget this isn’t the whole point of knowledge but merely a part of
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