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The United States is often alluded to as being the finest country in the world in many areas, but education is far from being at the top of that list. As a matter of fact, it is no secret that the education system in this country is far from perfect and has fallen behind academically in comparison to other international countries throughout the years. The decline of a healthy learning environment has had a tremendous effect on the deterioration of the education environment and it is our job as citizens of this country to create strategies in order to save the future of the learning community. The purpose of this paper is to explore two different yet healthy learning environments for students to be apart of so that their education needs…show more content…
A healthy learning environment at home consists of helping children establish excellent foundations for education and strong self confidence as learners. Reading is the most effective method of obtaining information, therefore, reading and dissecting reading materials is a skill that children should establish from an early age by the help of their parents/ guardians. It is also proven that children who are exposed to publication at a tender age are more likely to become better readers and learners inside of the classroom because these children develop a craving for enlightenment and knowledge. If parents made it a habit of communicating the importance and advantage of reading and discussing materials that is in a specific publication, then parents would be creating a pattern of being able to comprehend and problem solve materials. Parents should also create an environment to help children acquire what it means to agree or disagree on a subject by supporting their intelligence and their freedom of speech as long as it is in a respectful form. By creating an environment where children learn to identify and question information at home these children can then take this basic foundation into the

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