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Development of human tooth Dental development can be considered to have two components: (1) the formation of crowns and roots and (2) the eruption of the teeth. Tooth development or odontogenesis is a collection of complex processes by which teeth form from embryonic cells, grow and erupt into the oral cavity. Between the sixth and eighth week in utero, the primary teeth start to develop whereas the permanent teeth begin to form in the twentieth week. If by this time some teeth do not develop, they will not develop at all Odontogenesis is divided into the following stages, which is the initiation stage (epithelial thickening), the bud stage, the cap stage, the bell stage (early bell stage and advance bell stage), and finally maturation (amelogenesis and dentinogenesis and cementogenesis). Initiation Stage Six weeks of prenatal development, embryo’s primitive mouth (stomodeum) is…show more content…
The organic matrix contains the material needed for dentin formation. As odontoblasts deposit organic matrix termed predentin, they migrate toward the center of the dental papilla. Thus, unlike enamel, dentin starts forming in the surface closest to the outside of the tooth and proceeds inward. Cytoplasmic extensions are left behind as the odontoblasts move inward. The unique, tubular microscopic appearance of dentin is a result of the formation of dentin around these extensions. In response to the formation of dentin, the ameloblasts release enamel proteins that contribute to the enamel matrix secrete an organic matrix against the dentin (amelogenesis). Enamel protein is then partially mineralized by the enzyme alkaline phosphatase (ALT) and becomes the initial layer of the tooth's enamel. Therefore, enamel formation moves outwards, adding new material to the outer surface of the developing tooth as dentin moves

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