Samsung S7 Case Study

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How to Unlock Your Samsung S7 and have Freedom to use any Carrier Why Unlock your Samsung S7? There are many reasons for unlocking your Samsung S7. The first one being that it will save you a fortune when you are abroad. There will be no need to pay high roaming fees as you can insert a cheap local sim card. It also gives you the freedom to choose your service provider that will give you the best tariffs from the locally competing networks. It is not only on tariffs that you can save but as soon as the phone is unlocked it increases in value. It increases the sales value and offering a potential buyer an unlocked phone is far more appealing meaning it could sell quicker. Why let the provider tell you what you are and are not allowed to do…show more content…
You need to check with them if they are able to unlock the device if the carrier is Sprint. Requirements when using a third party unlocking service Provide the IMEI number Valid e-mail address for them to send the unblocking code If it is not a free service then payment will be required before you will receive the code. Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 on AT&T network If you are still under contract with AT&T then you will probably not be able to unlock your phone using their services. Then you will need to use a third party by following these simple steps. Dial #06# from your phone and you will receive the IMEI code Visit the third party website and select the model number Enter the phones IMEI number and you will also require payment information if it is a paying service that you have opted for. Once you have received the SIM unlock code you change the sim card. When the prompt SIM code required enter the number that you have received. You will need to have a valid email address to receive the SIM code. Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 on Verizon…show more content…
The steps are very similar but the above method is the easiest. How to get Samsung Galaxy S7 unlock code via Third Party Service. There are plenty of third-party services that will provide an unblocking code such as UnlockAuthority. Using a third party will probably cost some money but there are lots of advantages associated with using a paid service. Firstly, there are often cases where mobile phone users have tried to go the freeway and use code generating services. If something should go wrong you will not be able to use your phone and will need to find a technician to fix the problem. Not only is this frustrating it is time consuming and will cost a lot more than using a paid third-party service such as UnlockAuthority. In only few steps you will be able to get a service that will ensure that you get the correct code and that the phone will be able to work seamlessly worldwide. Connect to the third-party website UnlockAuthority They will require the IMEI number from you The payment method and

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