The Importance Of Healthy Eating

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What we call "healthy eating"? The basis of a healthy diet is eating healthy food. Eating within the health includes ensuring optimal intake of substances functioning of the body without overdose or chronic shortage and avoid the consumption of toxic substances. Parameters of healthy eating Healthy eating process involves three main sets of conditions your diet to be healthy. I call them conditional "factors": Factor 1st: Sufficiency of nutrients; Second factor: Variety in the diet; Third factor: Calories and satiety effect of food and the "famine-eating"; Factor 4th: Purity of food - the absence of fast and slow toxins; Factor 5th: Culinary processing. Viewed in this way means you can get enough micro and macronutrients, but to eat…show more content…
Lack and / or deficiency for long period lead to hypoglycemia and ketosis. Excessive fructose leads to the synthesis of cholesterol, the symptoms of alcohol intoxication, synthesis of fat and increasing the fat content in the liver, and also to uncontrollable hunger. Consuming fructose does not lead to anything bad. Excessive fiber leads to swelling of the intestines, flatulence, and also - diarrhea, limited utilization of micro- and macronutrients because of too rapid peristalsis. Their absence or deficiency leads to constipation, sluggish bowels, rotting food, swelling of the gastrointestinal tract, flatulence, bacterial inflammation. The right balance of carbohydrates depends on the diet. Besides their distribution by type (mono- and disaccharides: digestible oligo-and polysaccharides, fiber), the balance includes their attitude in quantities to insulin, which is measured by indices: the glycemic index (GI) and glycemic index load (GL). Sufficiency shortages, excessive intakes of…show more content…
Excessive intake of water is far more useful - it leads to disturbed salt balance and kidney problems again. The key benefits of storage water is balanced, systematic and timely intake. Controlled water intake with increased mineral content, ie Mineral water is useful for treating a variety of diseases. The total replacement of tap water with mineral, even with low mineralized over time can lead to kidney problems and mineral imbalance. Sufficiency shortages, excessive intakes of vitamins Bestow life vitamins are fat-soluble and water-soluble. Excessive intake of water soluble has a lower toxicity than the excessive intake of fat-soluble. Chronic shortages and water and fat soluble causes the disease. The balance in the intake of vitamins in the diet and additionally supplement is the key to a healthy effect. Sufficiency shortages, excessive intakes of micronutrients Mirkoelementite are substances which our body needs in very small amounts to function well. However deficiency is considered to be health threatening. Excessive intake of certain trace elements can lead to

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