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Every music composer, artist, or performer constantly pursues their masterpiece. An aspirational work of art that goes beyond their past performances where everything comes together in perfection. It is often unattainable but drives them each day to work that much harder to reach the summit of their craft. It is often the same in other walks of life, designers seek out to create a perfect dress, directors seek to create a movie that’s recognized as one of the best, and hoteliers seek to create the perfect vacation experience for savvy travelers. The pursuit of creating a flawless vacation has led to the creation of the newly opened Fusion Nha Trang resort in Viet Nam. The pursuit of the ultimate vacation experience begins with an ideal location…show more content…
The menu he has created is driven by a healthy living concept so it is good for you while being delicious. The Grilled Scallops with coconut risotto, pineapple mango chutney, and curry emulsion was absolutely wonderful and the presentation on black state gave it a visual appeal as well. The smoked duck breast with morning glory which is a spinach like vegetable, with tomato confit, basil and white balsamic reduction was also very flavorful with excellent presentation as well. They have a special dining experience called the Alchemist Infusion Dinner with Yellow fin tuna with wasabi mash, and the Grilled Australian Rib Eye with green mango salad and shitake pancake. It was absolutely a feast for all the senses with its taste as well as presentation. The service is excellent as well with genuine care given by their pleasant and well trained staff of…show more content…
There are literally baths that gush warm water and mud for soaking weary bodies. Some groups, and solo travelers were there along with many romantic couples. Vietnamese people swear by the restorative powers of soaking in the mineral-rich mud baths cure such ailments as joint pain, skin irritations, eczema, and nerve problems. It's also a great way to relax, and many say the hot mineral waters make your skin soft and young. After a while in the tub it’s time to rinse off and enjoy the rest of the waterpark with various pools and man-made

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