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Learning Problems Over the decades education has gone through a vast experimentation on various theories and teaching method to find the perfect education system. In the United States of America, ‘The no child left behind’ policy and the ‘Common core’ are all going through varies debates to see the best fit education system. As I am currently teaching in Cooperative School in Majuro, using the United States curriculum, I have witnessed that there is always room for new educational interventions. There have been many learning style assessment instruments that have been developed in the past five decades (Felder and Henriques, 1995: 22). Reflecting on my past experiences, when I was a student in primary school in Fiji, I will identify two problems that I personally feel have affected me in my learning and which I feel are still a problem in the present time. This essay will also briefly explain and show how it affected me and will share some suggestions to help students with problems. The Problem While I was in primary school I remember some of the challenges I had with learning. The pedagogy used by teachers were more ‘blackboard’ and ‘chalk’ meaning more of teachers leading teaching and less classroom discussion. The class was more teacher teaching orientated and students were given very few opportunity to…show more content…
In our cultures, “learning was an important process as it ensured continuity and sustainability of life” (Kedrayate, 2001). If our forefathers were taught with examples, visual aids, hands-on explanations, use of words and explanations that made sure one understands, then why are these methods not used in our classrooms today? Our traditional teaching and learning process ensured that one learns and is able to pass on this knowledge to the next

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