Is Studying Culture And Society Worthwhile Essay

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Question: ‘Why is studying culture and society worthwhile?’ Studying culture and society is worthwhile due to a child’s holistic self in the environment. Culture and society go hand in hand with topics such as: the educator’s philosophy and role, the third teacher (setting up the environment), socio-economic disadvantage and the virtual schoolbag, binary thinking: gender and class, indigenous educational justice and childhood, technology and consumerism (pop culture). In today’s society, a child may or may not be judged depending on their ethnicity or social class as this influences their self-esteem in how other people treat them. The experiences that a child carries with them will always remain with the child physically, mentally and psychologically. Thus, socio-economic disadvantage, the virtual school bag and binary thinking: gender and class makes studying culture and society worthwhile due to the socio-economic status which defines the category that are placed in through their parents. In today’s society, the socio-economic status (SES) is classed into three categories: low SES, middle SES…show more content…
Through both parents, the child’s environment reflects the parents’ socio-economic status (SES). This follows on from a child’s virtual schoolbag where their beliefs, values and attitudes will define how the child copes with a variety of cultures in a society where the norms are set. Gender does not need to be stereotyped by the toys that children play with but be offered to both genders. Class in the childcare setting also does not need to be competitive as each teacher has their own abilities to make the classroom a positive environment, no matter what ethnic background each child comes from. This shows contemporary teachers the issues that need to be dealt with through today’s society and

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