Why Do You Want To Be A Nutritionist Essay

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Nutritionists are food and nutrition professionals who help patients to select the most appropriate foods for positive health results, and also render advice on the hazard of some poor nutritious foods. In the process of examining a patient’s dietary habits and needs, they help the patient know and understand healthy eating habits, follow up on them and write down progress of the process. In the meantime, a certified nutritionist is a nutritionist who has obtained certification after completing and passing required course programs and exams. There is a big advantage of becoming certified in your nutritionist career. A certified nutritionist gains more job opportunities than a non-certified one. Educational Requirements and Career Pathway To become a certified nutritionist you need to meet the educational…show more content…
Students learn how to prepare food in a healthy way, understand the health benefits of various nutrients and using various food technologies. Bachelor’s Degrees Bachelor of Science degrees in nutrition is a course that takes a space of four years to complete and is for those who want to become registered nutritionists. This degree program gives students more detailed experience than it would in an associate degree program. The nutritional theory study is accompanied with practical training of dealing with patients. The students of this program will be able to educate a community about the health benefits of good eating habits. Examples of courses that students can take during their stay in a bachelor’s degree program are as follows: • Cultural and Social Aspects of Food: This course relates culture and eating habits together. Students will learn how to develop a clue of various ethnic groups, prepare popular recipes in different cultures and make proper use of the ingredients used in various regions of the

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