Soccer Argumentative Essay

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Soccer leagues are a great way to introduce children to the sport. More than 220,000 children play in leagues throughout the United States, making it the second most popular sport. Playing in a league teaches children how to play soccer, helps them to meet new friends and gives them a great start to making healthy choices throughout their lives. More than just these physical aspects, kids get a variety of benefits from playing league soccer. Builds Healthy Children In an average game of adolescent soccer, children run an average of seven miles. This makes it one of the most athletic sports available. In a society where too much emphasis is placed on looks, soccer helps teach children the importance of being healthy though exercise and eating…show more content…
Children who struggle with being shy or with communication skills often are able to communicate with their team, improving their self-esteem. Improving soccer skills, such as running, kicking and passing, can help children to feel more confident as well. Studies have shown that children who participate in team sports do better in school. Some experts attribute this to the rise in confidence that playing sports provides, which then transfers to boosted confidence in school. Helps Children to Learn to Balance Adults have to learn to balance their jobs, education, family and hobbies. Soccer helps children to learn this balance early on in their lives. Balancing soccer with school work, family and friends can teach them lifelong skills that will carry into high school and into their adult years. Children may struggle with this concept at first. Helping them to write a schedule with times for practice, games, homework and free time will help them to solidify this concept. Teaches the Importance of Goals Setting, working for and attaining a goal is one of the most satisfying parts of life. When children who play soccer set goals for running faster, kicking better or making a certain number of goals, they are then able to see that hard work pays off when these goals are

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