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3 Mediterranean Diet In the following chapter, I define the Mediterranean Diet and the history of it. Further, the key components, all guidelines, and the most important groceries are listed. This chapter is continued with the comparison of Mediterranean and Austrian foods. To finalize this chapter, I dealt with the question: Is the Mediterranean cuisine beneficial for the health of the human body and mind? 3.1 Definition The Mediterranean diet or also called “Med diet” is a style of eating which combines the religion and culture of the countries which surround the Mediterranean Sea. In this area live Christians, Jews and Muslims which all have different traditions. Both Muslims and Jews avoid eating pork, Christians eat meat but avoid eating…show more content…
Other spices they use, have been brought along by Asian people. For example marjoram, tarragon, pepper, saffron, turmeric or ginger. However, meat was never a big thing in the Mediterranean diet. They avoid red meat and eat just small amounts of poultry. This might be adopted by the Muslims, who do not eat pork. The Arabs, which are mainly Muslims, prefer eating vegetables and fruits, so they passed this food culture. Marine products are also a part of their nutrition, as they are coastal people. Andalusians also promoted the importance of fruits to the Mediterranean countries. After World War 2, some Americans wanted to improve the nutrition in several coun-tries. When they came to Greece, they recognized that the diet was almost perfect. Yet the Mediterranean countries adopted numerous groceries from the Americans like corn, beans, peanuts, seeds, avocado, coffee, and chocolate. Moreover, several vegetables, for example, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, sweet potatoes, zucchini or potatoes have been passed to the Mediterranean region by Americans. Equally vital to mention are the spices which Americans brought along, like Cayenne pepper, allspice or pink

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