The Importance Of Going To College

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I'm about to go to college. The whole idea of that scares me because I don’t even know what I want to major in yet. I think I speak for all teenagers when I say that we need advice on college. I went to my cousin, Patrick Craig, for help on this subject. He is on his second year of college at WVU so I figured he would be the best person to ask about his experiences. I decided to ask him a couple questions about his time so far at college and his overall experience with it. I asked him what the steps were to becoming a successful first year college student. The first question I asked him was about how different the college social life is from high school. He said that it was a huge change. All of the classes are completely different in size and composition. He says that the biggest difference he has experienced so far was the freedom. He says it's really hard to realize that you have a choice of going to class or not. It's hard to find the motivation to get up every morning when you’re on your own and go to class. It's hard to get assignments done with all of the distractions of a college life. He explained to me how the professors are different then high school teachers. Teachers in high school can have more one on one time with their students and some professors don’t even know…show more content…
I asked him how he managed to make the transition for the first week of college. He said the most help for the first few days was his counselor. Every student has their own counselor that sets up their classes for them. Their office is always open and you can ask questions about anything on campus. Professors are also a big help for the first couple days of college. It is very important to establish a good relationship with your professor because they will be the deciding factor in if you fail or not. Professors usually have a scheduled time where you can meet them before or after class to talk about the subject, and even get help on
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