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Illegal poaching has always been an issue that has been practiced for several years. Illegal trading of elephant’s tusks and rhino horns happens throughout the year in the market. About 1,200 tusks were discovered recently in Tanzania. Wildlife crime is one of the biggest businesses that are run by many risky international networks. Parts of the animal are trafficked all around the world to satisfy the needs of the ever- hungry black market. Some examples of illegal wildlife trade are poaching elephants for the ivory, tigers for their skins and rhinos for the horns. A huge number of elephants are illegally killed for their ivory each year to trade with countries such as China for a substantial amount of money. Illegal poaching has an impact economically, socially and environmentally. Hunting of animals is one the reasons for the extinction of species such as tigers and rhinos which also has an influence on the food chain thus the ecosystem. The effects of…show more content…
And currently, many wildlife species around the world and especially in Africa are going extinct. A species is endangered when the number of individuals lowers and the species is at the stage of dying out. In the past few years, one of the main reasons for this reducing the number of individuals is due to human behavior, which became a threat to the wildlife. Many scientists estimate that by the year 2100, half of the current species will be extinct. In 1948, the WCU was also known as The World Conservation Union, which is an international organization, which assess the threat to the endangered species by counting the number of individuals of species each year. They make a list of various animals that are in the stage of endangerment by considering the numbers that are still surviving. According to this list, the African elephants are at the stage “vulnerable,” and these are the species that are next at

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