Personal Narrative: A Career In College

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According to Stewart Todd, an expert in college graduation rates around the United States. Most of 59% of Americans over the age of 25 did not have a college degree. The education rate of Americans was decreasing for the last century or more. Although college is challenging. I am going to be successful listening to advice from experts, by developing strategies, by taking advantages of the benefits offered by my college. I realize that college will be challenging for me. I have struggle issues. I am a high school graduate from another country, who went back to school after nine years. This is my second semester in college. My First semester had ESL English as a second language, and that is my first challenge in college. I should understand every word carefully. If I did not understand the meaning correctly, I will mess up everything. English is a different from my Arabic language in everything. In addition, I struggle with translating difficult words to understand and figure out the meaning of them. In addition, I face another challenge in college (Mathematics). All of the majors required math…show more content…
Almost all professors offer us to meet with them after class for extra preference. On the other hand, sizeable of them support us by giving us online programs that have useful tools for us. Also, they mention that concentration on enough time ,and patience only the factor to reach for success. In addition to that, the importance of motivating ourselves as a beginning of acquiring knowledge for us. these advices consist of; planning further ahead by making the most of your study time. Using a daily to do list. Thinking in classes as our easiest learning sessions. Processing courses as opportunities. Pick the right friends. Divide big projects into smaller parts. Exercise positive self talk a habit. Reward ourselves, and of course, feel satisfied if I have done my
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