Linen Room Case Study

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4.0.1 Layout of Linen Room: 4.0.2 Common abbreviations used by the housekeeper during room checks: R/CR Ready or checked and ready room SO/OCC Occupied ( stayover) OOO Out Of order CO Guest has checked out today EA Early arrival today V Vacant B Slept out (Guest did not use the room but baggage is still in the room NB No baggage, occupied DND Do not disturb sign LO Locked out ( Room has been locked by management so that guess cannot re-enter) Toilet Cleaning Procedure 1.Toilet bowl cleaning: Flashing toilet bowl before detergent placed into toilet bowl. Proper brushing on toilet bowl after 10minutes of detergent placed into toilet bowl. 2.Cleaning toilet in clockwise: Bring out all dirties towels,…show more content…
First, pull the bed a petite away from the bedhead. Then, put the first bed sheet and tuck the end side of the bed but for the four curves. Second, Take the free end of the sheet, about a foot of size from the curve at the head of the bed and pull it straight out, foaming a flap. Pull up the tab so it is even. Tuck in the free part of the corner. Third, Pull the tab out to you and down over the side of the bed and tuck the flap in. Forth, Transport to the corner at the end of the bed on the same side of the bed and echo the procedure. Fifth, spread the next sheet the wrong side up, from the edge of mattress. Remember to put it lower than the second sheet and spread the third sheet over the sheet. Fold the second sheet above the coverlet and the third sheet. Make a fold about 6 inches to 8 inch. Sixth, firmly tuck the sheets under the bed. Go to the end of the bed and tightly tuck the second sheet, quilt and third sheet together. Insert the pillows into the new linen and tuck in the slack ends then echo this process for the other pillows. Seventh, put the pillow on the bed with the inserted edges opposite the centre and the tucked flaps on the further side of the pillows. Place the coverlet on the bed with equal quantities dangling over both sides and the end of the bed. After that, inform to the supervisor if you found marks or damage in the coverlet and flat the coverlet over the pillows to the front of the bed. Tuck the outstanding of

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