Essay On College Education

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College education, is it necessary or not? Now a days education is overrated and looked at as a must by society. Whether a doctorate or no degree at all is acquired, salary and life experiences depend on personal desire. There is a famous saying "work smarter, not harder." Greatness does not come from doing the same as everyone else but, creating a path of distinction and importance. Education has been valued in our world more than anything else, but the value of a person's abilities should be measured by more than a simple letter grade. Times have changed. In the past, social status depended on two conditions: money and intelligence, money had to be obtained by working hard or being born into it. Previously, your social status was based off of hard work. If one did not work hard then he or she would not ever amount to anything because there is no other way to make money or have power. In today's society, money and power are everything, depending on who you ask. Becoming rich or famous is a goal almost every person wishes to achieve. This mindset pushes people to find a smarter alternative to achieve their goal. College does not necessarily play a role in either. Some of the greatest and most powerful people in the world are college dropouts. The richest man in the world dropped out of college, world renowned philosophers and thinkers have…show more content…
I believe it is a waste of precious time and money that could be spent towards making money and still having time to do the activities you love. The vast majority of college students pursue a career in the degree they paid for. So why go spend time, money, and effort all for what to attain a job completely unrelated. Take some time and think, is college genuinely for me or would I rather be living the life I have always dreamed of. Live life to the fullest potential and make the most out of it after all you do only have a limited time
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