Artigas Latin America Analysis

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I will devote more time to Marti, Bolivar and Miranda due to the fact that they were more involved in creating a LA (Latin American) nation than other LA leaders. My review of Artigas, Juana Azurduy de Padilla, O’Higgins and San Martin will be brief but not less important. We are far away from becoming a united continent; very far in Central and South America, and not that far in North America.Were Canada and the USA, Mexico are prime examples.Canada and USA are much more united than Mexico. The comparison and as such is not perfect, just the fact that is a comparison establishes the fact that there are differences.This comparison of North America with Latin America is summarized as follows. One general: Jorge Washington and one President…show more content…
Jose Marti was killed in a battle against Spanish troops at the battle Dos Rios under Commanders Maximo Gomez and Antonio Macedo and other Cuban exiles; they attempted to overtrow the Spaniards, on May 19, 1895 in an ill-fated two man suicide charge. He was wearing a black jacket on a white horse making himself an easy target. He is the national Cuban hero. The patriotic son “Guantanamera” with his lyrics from his poem Versos Sencillos was made famous by the American singer Pete Seeger. Marti successfully resolved his severe depression with his total commitment to the Cuban revolution. So he was a leader who wanted to unite some LA countries especially free Cuba, his international view was there but was not successful. Let us now, see what happened with Bolivar. Now I will jump to Simon Bolivar dreamer of the “Gran Colombia” Inspired in Miranda (Figure # 4) as an attempt to unite the Latinos from Latin America. Let us review something about Boliviar’s biography. Simón

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