Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

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People of the Civil War 1. John Wilkes Booth Primarily “known as the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln”, John Wilkes Booth, also a renowned actor on stage, conspired to capture Abraham Lincoln with his associates (History.com). Instead of going as he had planned, John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln point-blank in the head on April 14, 1865 instead. This homicidal event took place during Lincoln’s attendance to Ford’s Theatre to watch a play with his wife. As an event that caused mass uproar and grief, the joy and relief from the end of the Civil War quickly diminished. The assassination took place in desperation to save the Confederacy from their defeats throughout the South. In the novel Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, author…show more content…
Robert E. Lee, “ Having concentrated his army around the small town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania” on July 1, 1863, “awaited the approach of Union Gen. George G. Meade’s forces” (civilwar.org). This invasion caused many casualties and around 51,000 deaths and injuries. The early success of the Union was short, for the Confederates retaliated “against the Iron Brigade and exploited a weak Federal line at Barlow’s Knoll” (civilwar.org). The final battle, located at Culp’s Hill resulted in the failure of Lee’s second invasion and the victory of the Union…show more content…
“Between August 21st and October 15th, [Abraham] and Douglas held a series of seven debates throughout Illinois” to discuss this issue and clarify their viewpoints (Grahame-Smith, 186). The Lincoln-Douglas Debate foreshadowed impending internal war amongst the inhabitants of the United States. This debate showcased the political strength that Abraham Lincoln had, alluding to the fact that Abraham Lincoln would soon become a great leader. As an example of two opposing forces battling to overcome the other, this good vs. evil mentality is presented in a way similar to that of a social battle, a person vs. society

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