The Importance Of Freedom Of Movement In India

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This article has Purpose to remove all barriers within the Pakistan for every citizen who live their life with all liberties. Every citizen is free to move about, reside and settle in any part of Pakistan’s territory. If a person deprived from their free movement because of any punishment then it’s not covered by this clause but in the other hand state has power to impose reasonable restriction on this right of freedom of movement of any free citizen if such restriction is necessary for the General public interest. A punishment is not a permanent restriction, it’s just a penalty for bad behavior or any misconduct. A restriction for good transfer from one place to another does not include in this article. As compare the restriction and regulation the term of restriction is wider more than regulation. Right of movement is a statuary right.…show more content…
A citizen of Pakistan cannot be expelled from the country. In 1962 Constitution there was no right of freedom of movement. In India , the corresponding provisions has been held to have as its object the removal of all berries between one state and another or between different parts or between different parts of the same state. In US state recognized human rights of freedom of movement internationally and reside within the boarder of each state as to leave any country. Freedom of movement was a salient issue during the communist time when the soviet unions and soviet dominated countries several limited immigrant families visits and other human contacts. In India national freedom started in 19th century uprising with motive had started a century earlier of driving British out of India. The origin of freedom movement in India had its strong foundation in the country in 19th century. The factors for the emergency of national freedom were economic exploitation, emergence of Indian press, religious awakening and the influence of western

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