Persuasive Essay On Surrogacy

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“Wombs for rent”, is a show about a controversial issue happening in the United States with surrogacy. Unlike most countries, it’s not illegal in the United States. Surrogacy goes unnoticed in the United States. This would be considered a way to have a biological child with eggs and sperm from a different person. Typically, families who can’t have kids will either adopt or go the route of surrogacy to have a child with their biology. Most countries will seek for a surrogate mother in the United States to give birth to their child. The reason being, is because once you’re born in the United States you’re considered a U.S. Citizen automatically. Surrogacy was described like a, “dating website” in the video. Meaning it’s not hard to find a surrogate…show more content…
This is what is essential to our lives. It’s claimed to guide the majority of the actions that we make. Conscience is defined as providing us with knowledge on what is right and wrong. It’s not only about our knowledge but involves reasoning and critical thinking. It motives us, as well as demanding how we act according to our motivation. We use both our conscious and unconscious thought process, which includes our dreams to act accordingly with our conscience. When Salina Ramirez was making the decision on whether or not to abort the child or not she most likely was listening to what her conscience was saying. Our conscience is what provides us with knowledge on what is right and wrong. In this case, Salina decided that it would have been wrong to abort the baby even if in the end she wasn’t receiving the amount of funds she was promised from the beginning. Her conscience could have gone either way in this decision process. She was listening to her super-ego which this term was developed by Sigmund Freud. Salina’s Altruistic behavior is what caused her to act out when she found out that the insurance she was supposed to receive from blue shield was declined. This is defined as our human nature. Knowing that the cost of having a baby is highly expensive she knew she either had to abort the child or ask the family for money to pay for the medical

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