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Abstract Cuttlefish are quite similar to other ocean dwelling fish. However, they are not fish. They migrate to warmer waters during the cold months, and usually dwell near the ocean floor. Cuttlefish also have a large economic presence as they are consumed by humans. Although they are part of the human diet (especially in the Mediterranean), cuttlefish are not at any risk at the moment. This fact could easily change since their population is so dependent on the ocean temperature. Their young will not develop if the water is not warm enough. Cuttlefish belong to the class Mollusca, and unlike many of their mollusk cousins, they lack a hard, protective shell. This was detrimental. Cuttlefish, and other cephalopods, had to come up with an efficient way to protect…show more content…
They have mastered and art form that we can only hope to replicate. Cuttlefish are so much more than the cute squid-like creatures that everyone makes them out to be. They are wonderful examples of nature adapting when necessary. Cephalopods lost their shells, but they did not fret. They simply adapted to better survive. Being a cephalopod they have the option of staying where they want. Controlling their buoyancy with their cuttlebone is pretty impressive. It is also extremely interesting to see cuttlefish not only camouflage to their environment, but they mimic what they are camouflaging. They will physically change their body to look like a rock, sea weed, or even another fish. They can turn almost any color, and they can actually change the texture of their skin to further sell the idea that they are not cuttlefish. They are such beautiful creatures. That’s intelligence. People (including myself) tend to associate invertebrates with inferiority, but cuttlefish are truly a wonderful example to invertebrates thriving in a community overflowing with vertebrates. They are by far the oceans most intelligent

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