Euclid: The Father Of Mathematics

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The greatest and most famous mathematician is named Euclid and he was born in Alexandria Egypt while his family he had his father which is named Naucrates and his grandfather named Xenarchus than later on in education he went on to teach about mathematics in Ancient Egypt. Euclid of Alexandria is called the father of geometry. The most recent factual facts about Euclid he was working in Alexandria during the rule of Ptolemy I. (Euclid Megara during the 19th or early 20th century). He was most powerful in the history of mathematics. Euclid was taken for granted the values of what is now called Euclidean geometry for a minor set of axioms. Euclid also wrote works on spherical geometry, of perception, conic sections, and number theory of the…show more content…
His ideas and discoveries were used for logic and demanded proof for every theorem of western philosophers right up until the present day. Euclid collected the many works of many mathematicians called Hippocrates of Chios, Theodius, Thetus, and Exodus. Euclid contributions was to gather compile organize and rework the mathematical concepts to his predecessors known as Euclidean geometry. He has left a legacy of many scholars and academics today. He impacted the field of mathematics by many ways we conceive of space time and shapes. Euclid existed around 300 B.C and his works were amazing to their people who saw different point of views between him and other mathematicians and were proudly satisfied with his works around the world also he changed the world of how people seen it and became more famous of a mathematician he changed the ways of how we perceive and see things such as the skills he used. Euclid compiled his works into earlier men but is clear the whole misconception of his geometrical geometry theory he was born as a ancient greek mathematician in died in(Alexandria Egypt in 265…show more content…
I know it is a learning tool and you must learn it too graduate high school from it and it is mandatory to have in school but most of it you really dont use in the real world unless you are a geometry teacher or a mathematics teacher or a famous person just like Euclid so i'm assuming that if i were like him i would understand more about how geometry is used and how well others understand it and his theories that he invented and all his books he made too become a famous mathematician.Most people don't understand that Euclid provided some of the most influential arithmetic and fundamental theorems into a unique prime number factor of theorem using Euclidean geometry. this theorem states integers greater than one is either itself a prime number and there is a definite number or the product of prime numbers used by multiplying one and other numbers also any prime numbers to measure the product it will also measure one of the original numbers

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