Harley Davidson Revolution Engine Analysis

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As everyone knows that only of two major American motorcycle manufacturers had been survived to the” Great Depression(deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world.) , the company has survived various ownership and subsidiary arrangements, periods of poor economic health and product quality as well as in the world competition to become the world's fifth largest motorcycle producer and an iconic brand widely known for its following features. REVOLUTION ENGINES:- The engine of Harley started manufacturing in 2001. The Revolution engine is at present used on only one Harley production model -- the VRSC. As all the engines as mentioned before are largely the same and represent some more improvements, the Revolution engine is different. This…show more content…
Grease is used when the bearing operates under general speed and the temperature conditions. There is a advantage that it is cheaply available –although cost should not be a problem for a motorcycle like Harley Davidson costly bike, where we need a good quality that should be dominant over price. More advantages over oil is that the grease will offer better adhesion to the surface and gives protection against the dampness and external impurities. A word of caution though…because the best quality of grease is designed to fight against the water (as in condensation) or normal water, its not the nozzle of a high-pressure jet like a flexible hollow tube that riders want to direct at vulnerable whimper wheel seals. Oils are used when the speed of rotation and temperatures are very high, like inside an air-cooled engine like Harley Davidson

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