The Importance Of Food

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When it’s about food, I consider myself a very concerned person about where the meals I eat have been made and how they have been handled until getting on my plate. When having a plate of food in front of me I can think deeply about it since it turns out to come from a variety of previous processes entangled one to another and, depending on those processes, such a plate of food can be or not very rich in benefits for my own health or even, bad for it. Foods that have been produced using chemicals get on the plate still with chemicals, although this amount can be reduced by cleaning foods very well in a variety of ways before eating them, they hardly get completely clean. Such chemicals can harm our health producing, e.g., skin allergies.…show more content…
with difficult consequences to deal with, e.g., diabetes type II at ages about eight years old -when it use to be a sickness appearing at forty years-old -. Besides, foods that are the GMO’s since these can have still unknown effects over health in the future and also on the environment due to lack of studies about them over a long period of…show more content…
For example, it’s not the same to have, let’s say, a guava when it has just been taken ripe from the tree when it is still very juicy, colorful and tasteful than one that has been frozen for months which can be, e.g., watery after defrosting it, taking its flavor and all of the other sensory qualities out. Also, for foods like fruits and vegetables, the higher the temperature and/or the longer the time of cooking, the more their proteins, minerals, vitamins, and so on go down. This makes the cooking process important too. Fortunately, there are types of processes that keep and even enhance quality and nutrients of foods such as dehydration, fermentation and sprouting. In addition, these can also make foods easier to digest, assimilate and absorb by the body –then, better for health. For example, there are options like cultured food (a form of fermented food) which helps to absorb nutrients from other foods thanks to its amount of beneficial bacteria, helping in case of allergies by recovering the imbalance of the body. Then, this can be an option when choosing which foods to

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